Unique gifts: Fabric Fortune Cookies tutorial

Unique gifts:  Fabric Fortune Cookies tutorial

As promised - here's a fun tutorial that is great for any time of year and many occasions-including valentines day. Think of all the fun you could have with the notes or "fortune" inside - leave a love note, send to a friend, party favors, reveal you are pregnant, business thank you's or favors and the list could go on and on SO let's get started!!!

Fabric Fortune Cookies

fusible fleece
fabric marker
wire cutters
coordinating ribbon
craft glue
paper word strips
circle pattern - approx. 4-5 inches in diameter

STEP 1: gather your fabric(s) - I always like to use an assortment of different colors and patterns

STEP 2: Using your iron and following the manufacturer's directions - apply the fusible fleece to the wrong side of your fabric using as large of a piece as you would like. (of fabric and fusible fleece depending on the number of circles you will be cutting out of that print)

STEP 3: Print off the circle template or create your own in any size you would like. (Simply click on the picture below, print or save and print)

STEP 4: Trace your pattern on the wrong side of your fused fabric using a fabric marker and cut out your circles. It's always a good idea when making several to fuse all your fabrics, trace and cut them all at once instead of doing each step individually.

STEP 5: Cut a piece of wire just slightly shorter than the width of your circle- You can use floral wire or I just like to use whatever I have on hand that will work. For this project I used some 22 gauge wire that I had handy. Leave a small margin of space on each end. Glue in place with Craft Glue, hot glue, E6000. Again, I used what I had on hand. I believe there are several type of glue that will work.

STEP 6: Cut a piece of coordinating ribbon - match the color of the inside. In this case mine is white - and glue it over the top of the wire. Let dry flat for 10 - 30 mins. Depending on what type of glue you used.

STEP 7: While your glue is drying print off your word strips on whatever color paper you would like. Have fun with the font, size and you could even print off several different phrases depending on what the occasion is. Cut your strips.

STEP 8: Once the glue is dry it's time to fold! Place your word strip in the middle of the "cookie" on top of the ribbon and fold the two ends up as shown in the photo.

STEP 9: Then fold the two ends down and toward the middle (bending the wire) to get the shape of the cookie

STEP 10: This is what I call the fluff and shape step. To help your fortune cookie have a natural "round" shape slip your finger in the middle and push out the sides, make sure there is a good "crease" down the middle like the photo below. This will help shape your cookie too.

STEP 11: You're done! Package them up however you would like and deliver! There are several creative ways to package these, design and give them so have fun! Enjoy!


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