Unique gifts: Heart Shaped Paper Clip Bookmarks tutorial


Unique gifts: Heart Shaped Paper Clip Bookmarks tutorial

For A Special Valentine

Valentine's Day is around the corner and I came up with a simple little project for our loved ones! It doesn't have to be only for Valentines, it could be a gift for anyone who has our heart, for any occassion, any time of the year. The idea is a crochet heart shaped paper clip.
Confusing? Not at all! It's so simple. All you have to know is basic knowledge of crochet (just the single crochet) and how to bend paper clips (I believe there's noone who can't).
So, the basic materials are... a big paper clip (around 8 cm), a yarn of your choice and a needle for crochet, of course.
First, you'll have to bend the paper clip.
Then start with the main knot on your needle and start using just the single crochet, only each time you go under the wire of the clip.
Continue all the way around the paper clip.
Pick the yarn and turn it under the wire.
then pick some yarn and bring it up again.
Pull it through the first knot
and then another stitch through the other two
In the end slip the last stitch through the other end of the row and tie off.
Just as simple as that!
And in different colours or slip stitch.


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