Unique jewelry: Fancy Ear Cuff, more ideas

Unique jewelry: Fancy Ear Cuff, more ideas

Here is a recent creation- a very fancy ear cuff! I used Czech glass leaf beads. The two pictures shown below show how amazing these leaves are. They change color with the light! Both pictures are of the same ear cuff. The one on the right was taken with a yellow-y natural light, and the one on the left was taken with a white flash. This is my favorite earcuff so far!

As always, the earcuff can be worn with earrings. I know the heart one doesn't match. Oh well. I don't know though- with this particular ear cuff, is it overkill? The pictures below show more of the ear cuff... for those of you who would like to peice together how I made it. I really can't explain.
EDIT: Another picture:


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