ORIGAMI Ribbon Heart , video tutorial

This was pretty tricky to make, especially since some of the pictures in the tutorial are a tad misleading (thanks to light glaring off the shiney ribbons). I think I sat in my living room repeating the first 9-10 steps over and over again for an hour or so, because I couldn't slip the ribbon into the correct slot and the darned thing undid itself each time... D:

ORIGAMI Ribbon Heart , video tutorial

So this is made of some shiny Christmas ribbon. = D it's into a heart, and made of 14 little "flower" units or whatever you want to call them.

this took a few hours all together over the course of a few days. I put the whole HEART shape thing together after I got home from school. So much work for such fragile ribbon.

It's about as big as the basket I made, about 4 inches high and 5 inches long. = D very nice for a Christmas present, eh?


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