Baby learn: creative ideas with matches

 (500x644, 19Kb)Baby learn: creative ideas with matches
Match training. Laid out the same figure

The adult lays on a flat surface of one color (you can use the table surface or sheet of thick colored paper), a figure from matches and asks the child alone in accuracy to repeat it.
Start with simple shapes (triangle, rectangle, square, rhombus) and simple graphics (box stairs, house, Christmas tree, candy, star, etc.) - gradual transition from simple to more complex images.
For smaller parts, you can use not the whole match, but, for example, halved. For individual elements (eyes, noses, ears small animals), you can use the small buttons of.
Examples of the figures presented below.
The images are composed of matches, can also be used to train the memory. Match the picture is considered a child for 30 seconds and then laid them on the memory, without the visual pattern.
When vykladyvanii figures from matches you can develop other skills:
- To consider matches that make up the image;- If a match paint in different colors, we can assume that matches the same color;- To consider the geometric shapes representing the object (as triangles, squares, etc.);- To consider parts of figures (acute and obtuse).
Finally, you can offer your child to try to make up and put a figure.

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