Christmas craft ideas: Christmas tree made of paper or felt

Preparing for the New Year! Christmas tree made ​​of paper or felt


4162227_30 (388x512, 95Kb)
1320553388_31 (387x512, 68Kb)
1320553412_PATRON_8 (424x512, 63Kb)
1320553435_PATRON_9 (413x512, 70Kb)
1320553456_PATRON_10 (407x512, 61Kb)
1320553484_PATRON_11 (406x512, 66Kb)
1320553504_PATRON_12 (411x512, 57Kb)
1320553525_PATRON_13 (413x512, 72Kb)
1320553554_PATRON_15 (407x512, 70Kb)

I think a Christmas tree you can create with their detishkami.Izgotovlenie not take much time, and herringbone turns very original and beautiful!


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