Happy newyear 2012: Cute dragon ornament tutorial

Christmas crafts: Cute dragon ornament tutorial

Christmas and New Year's gift!

it's dragons to decoupage. Just little white - and even they are very cute!

he has a very romantic look wings!

And a very good-natured little face!


How to make  small souvenirs with textile  - they look very good on the tree and become a symbolic gift for the New Year 2012

We need:
  • Fabric.
  • Thread.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Needles.
  • Pins.
  • Beads.
  • Scissors.
  • A stick or pencil for turning.
  • Padding (hollofayber).
  • A lot of inspiration and a New Year mood and 2 hours of free time.
Print out pattern

I offer two options - one with four legs, paws, the other with embroidered paws. But your imagination is quite lets do something, such as foot and then sew the top.
1. Transferring the pattern on the fabric (fabric folded in half, face inside) outline the contour of a silhouette - then make a little face, dotted along the ridge may later designate on the face of
2. Stitches on the machine (or hand) outline the dragon, leaving the space under the tail for turning
3. Cut out. I zig-zag scissors, but you can take the ordinary to me so it is more convenient

4. The main circuit is cut
5. Before reversing, we need to prepare our preparation, namely:
a) Cut all the peaks on the ridge, leaving the suture to 2-3mm (to not interfere with our allowances after then reversing in and did not form there an extra tuberosity)
b) make incisions not reaching the suture line 2mm
conditionally cuts and lengths of cloth are light green color in Figure 5
6. All of the concavity and an incision - in Figure 6 shows the location under the dragon's head, how it looks, and also act between the legs

7. Take the stick and begin to twist from the head
8. Gradually slips deeper into a stick in the direction of the neck in place under the tail
9. Pokes a stick through the left when sewing space for turning

10. Fluff dragon. You can iron the iron
11. Now came the turn of the ridge. You can put this line (it is marked by a dotted line pattern), I stitch it "by eye"
12. The crest is ready

13. Fills our piece. Helps blunt the tip of a pencil a simple
14. Dragon stuffed
15. Sews up space under the tail of a hidden seam

16. The scheme of hiding the seam. The arrow indicated the direction of the suture and needle.

17. Prepare wings. I'm a little dream
18. Transferring the wing on the fabric - for a more simple option, take a fleece or felt, portable pattern, cut out - the wing is ready
19. Sew wings (I just stitch on top of a contrasting thread)

20. Embroider snout, beady eyes, sew, thread - for hanging

Our dragons are ready

We decorate the Christmas tree!

Enjoy the preparation for the holiday!


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