Sweet lollipops candy for Valentine gifts

Sweet lollipops candy for Valentine gifts

How to crochet Sweet lollipops candy for Valentine

Crochet with pink color and white color
Pink color: Making 5ch to make a circle. Crochet 8sc at the circle.
To crochet pop candy we crochet to make spiral. Tie white color at the 8th sc. crochet 1sc at the first sc on pink color, 2sc, 1sc, 2sc, ... making the same way until close pink color round,
Continue crochet with the same way with pink color along white color round .
Making the same way until we have enough big  lollipops candy as we want. Crochet 1 slst with pink color before, after we continue crochet with white color so that white color over the pink sl st, 1slst to finish the Sweet lollipops candy.

Using glue to paste on the plastic stick and using wool to make a bow for sweet Valentine lollipops candy.

Happy Valentine's day!


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